Panels and Conference Presentations

Throughout 2021, artistic research in jazz has been discursively developed by organizing various panel discussions with selected authors and external artist scholars at the major jazz research conferences around the globe:

Current Events:

Jazz Re:Search in 21st-Century Academia and Beyond – 13th International Jazz Research Conference, Graz (18.-21. November 2021)

Panel Discussion with Prof. Marcel Cobussen, Dr. Michael Kahr (convenor), Dr. Tracy McMullen, Dr. Vincent Meelberg, Dr. Chris Stover, Dr. Wolf-Georg Zaddach (respondent)


IASJ Jazz Research Conference (Leiden University, 11.-12. November 2021)

Panel discussion with  Andrew Bain (RBC), Kurt Ellenberger (GVSU), Petter Frost Fadnes (UiS), Michael Kahr (JMLU/KUG), Wouter Turkenburg (IASJ)

Past Events:

Jazz Education Network Conference (January 2021Online)

Panel Discussion on Artistic Research in Jazz with Dr. William Banfield, Dr. John E. Hasse, Dr. Monika Herzig, Dr. Michael Kahr (convenor), Mag. Marcus Ratka, Jasna Joviċeviċ

AEC Jazz and Pop Platform (11.-13. February 2021, Online)

Paper on Artistic Research in Jazz by Dr. Michael Kahr

Australian Jazz and Improvisation Network Conference, Sydney (5.-6. June 2021, Online)

Panel Discussion with Prof. Robert Burke, Prof. Roger Dean, Prof. Marc Duby, Dr. Michael Kahr (convenor), Dr. Chris Stover


Documenting Jazz, Edinburgh (23.-26. June 2021, Online)

Round Table Discussion with Dr. Andrew Bain, Dr. Mike Fletcher, Prof. Petter Frost-Fadnes, Dr. Monika Herzig, Dr. Michael Kahr (convenor)


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